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Compañía Urbana de Transportes - PACHURIBE


The successors of Francisco Uribe (PACHURIBE) created the company in 1927 with the objective to carry mail by road in the territory of the Department EL VALLE with the headoffice in Cali.

Two series of stamps were issued for that purpose. The first issue, printed by CARVAJAL, consisted of two stamps, one in a small size of 20 x 28 mm and a larger of 28 x 48 mm, both probably of 1928.

The stamps do not have any indication of value, both are printed in shades of Red on wove paper, Perf. 11,5.


1st. issue (1934)

pachu-1.jpg (4349 bytes) Image will follow shortly pachu-3.jpg (6726 bytes)
Temprano No. 1 Temprano No. 2 Temprano No. 3

2nd. issue (1937)

pachu-4.jpg (6792 bytes) Image will follow shortly
Temprano No. 4 Temprano No. 5


In addition to the stamps as shown above I have following etiquette from Pachuribe in my collection. This one is the only one specimen known so far and as per the literature it is now classified as publicity stamp.

pachueti.jpg (5653 bytes)

Publicity stamp in Vermilion, First time this stamp is shown in colour.


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