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This company served the routes Bogota - Ibaque - Buga - Cali - Bucaramanga - Bogota


The latter was daily service in 1931 and by August of that year he had reached out to Cucuta but it is not known exactly when he started nor whether the extension, too, was daily.


At first letters on the Cali - Bogota run were carried by air but this infringed SCADTA’s monopoly so that had to be abandoned after very few letters have been flown and the service continued by motor bus.


The firm apparently started out as Julio G. Ribon & Hijos (I.E. & Sons) and apparently principally as baggage agents, in which field they were later quite prominent but soon took the title of „Expreso Colombiano del Pacifico" with the family name appended.* This „Del Pacifico" always struck me as being somewhat curios since, so far as I know, they never extended their activities nearer the Pacific Ocean then Cali; in fact, Cali and Bogota are the only two place names on that map which has to become the standard type of adhesives. Another „proof" is that „Express Coy’s (usually Tobon) even when past over to Ribon for on-carriage to Bogota.

recibo.jpg (58972 bytes)

This "receipt" is dated June 8, 1914, long time before Ribon has issued their first stamps. Any information regarding the receipt would be highly appreciated.


Perhaps, some such thoughts occurred to Ribon for soon „Del Pacifico" was dropped from the title although for a long time afterwards the two names seem to have been used indiscriminately.


These names incorporated in handstamps were used as (dated) cachets where no adhesives were used and as cancellors of adhesives when those where affixed. Later these oval ovals were replaced by a variety of double-lined circles of which „Conducto Ribon" was the main feature; the date was included in the middle but at the bottom was „Correo Diario" „Correos - (placename)" or „Correos-(placename).


There as one exception (know to me) to the oval type and this was too gave prominent to the family name. I have only seen one example and that was for APULO.

A total of six different issues are know.


The first issue (1923) was a imperforated issue, printed by ARCONVAR. It contained two stamps, nomination each 5 centavos, blue. No image so far....


he second issue (1925) consisted of two stamps as well, maybe you can consider them as labels only... round in shape, nomination 5 centavo, green-blue and 20 centavo (red), the later one was for registered letters. Again, no image yet...


The third issue (1925) was a provisional issue, but printed for this purpose. Only one stamp, a 6 centavo blue and red stamp with a diagonal "PROVISIONAL" print. (Temprano No. 5)

ribon05.jpg (4816 bytes)
6 centavos


The 4th. issue (1931?, 1929?) you can view below, finally as a complete set of all six values... (Temprano No. 6-11).


ribon06.jpg (4520 bytes) Ribon-7.jpg (7191 bytes) Ribon-8.jpg (7219 bytes) ribon11.jpg (4590 bytes)
5 centavos 6 centavos 12 centavos 18 centavos
ribon10.jpg (4671 bytes) ribo11a.jpg (4366 bytes)
24 centavos 30 centavos

The 6 Centavos stamp of the 4th. issue I have, overprinted with "Propaganda". So far nobody could give ma any information regarding that overprint. For your information, the stamp is shown below. Any information about that overprint is highly appreciated.


ribonpr.jpg (4576 bytes)
6 centavos



The 5th. issue was a provisional issue since the postage rates apparently have been increased. The set contains 4 stamps, only three are shown so far.., the other value from this set is the 5 centavos on 30 centavos. These stamps have been created by overprinting the stamps of the 4th. issue as shown above.


ribon12.jpg (4657 bytes) Ribon-13.jpg (7172 bytes) ribon14.jpg (4572 bytes)
5 centavos on 12 centavos 5 centavos on 18 centavos 5 centavos on 24 centavos


Some notes to the catalogue listing in Hurts catalogue for these issues:

Hurt puts the first at 1928 but even this particular stamp or rather Hurt #2) is held by a Hamburg collector clearly cancelled August 6. 1927. The point is, though, that Hurt #1-2 were preceded by at least two other sets which were included on cover among 150 Express Company covers offered as a collection by Jal Franks Ltd. in April 1966.


In this second issue Hurt #3 is badly out of place since all the rest are multiples of 6c. - naturally, one would expect a definitive 5c. to follow a provisional 5c - but the date for Hurt #4-8 is much too late. Stamps with a clear postmark of 1928 and 1929 exists.


The (Hurt’s) second set 80 were printed by the Government printing works Bogota.


Hurt ignores a last set, a much better production then any before. Printed by the State Printing Works, Berlin, Germany. So far as I know, it was never used. The images of that set are here...

rib5-50.jpg (13281 bytes)
The low values, 5 to 50 centavos. (Temprano No. 16, 17, 18, 20)

rib1-10.jpg (15629 bytes)
The higher values, 1 to 10 Pesos, Temprano No. 21-25)

ribbon-r.jpg (3284 bytes)
The 20 centavos Registration stamp (Temprano No. 19)


Just discovered, three apparent proofs of the 10 centavos, 50 centavos and 20 centavos denomination registration stamp.

Any information on that item and eventual other nominations that exist are appreciated.

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