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For a long time, one PABLO E. TOBON operated what he called "EL EXPRESO" daily between Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Cali, Popayan & Buenaventrura and '"EL EXPRESO".... TOBON' appeared on the cachets for some years before being changed to 'EL EXPRESO "TOBON"' or, more simply "EXPRESO TOBON",  Later, sometimes it traded under Tobon’s full name „Jo Pablo E. Tobon".


It was not, however, much before June 1930 that Expreso Tobon established itself in Bogota and was ready to handle it's own mail through, to or from the capital. Up till then, Tobon mail between Buenaventura and Bogota had been in their own charge only part of the way and had been handed over then to other contractors to complete the journey. At first these were mainly RIBON (EXPRESO COLOMBIANO) who took over at Cali but by November 1929 on-carriage was by RAPIDO MAGDALENA but for what length of the route it is not clear.


In common with other Express Companies, they apparently charged no national postage on mail entrusted to them until they issued there own adhesives in 1928. Up to then covers bore various handstruck cachets, several of which were then used as cancellers.


tobon72.jpg (23503 bytes)
A cover from 1928, mailed from Buenaventura to Manchester, England, franked with pair of 4 cents national issues plus a 1928 6c. train stamp (Temprano No. 1). in the lower right corner a nice cachet form the Cali Office.


Today I am proud to show a etiquette from this express company, the only one specimen known to exist. Any additional information regarding the nature of this etiquette is highly appreciated.

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