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Ferrocarril de Caldas


The CALDAS Railway System started 1921 in PEREIRA and operated well into the 1950´s when it was absorbed by the National Railways System. It is not known when the company started to issue stamps. However, 2 different issues, each in the nomination of 5 centavos are known. The following types have so far been identified, probably used between 1923 and 1930.

Type I
 image lifted from the cover below
  Type II   Type III


Another copy of Type III, cancelled with two strikes of ANULADA marking

Another copy of Type II Santa Rosa, 2 October 1928


 Covers with such stamps are extremely rare... here is such a cover franked with a stamp type I, sent from Pereira to Cali.

Only 3 covers from that company are known.

Interesting that the stamp is canceled with a similar ANULADA marking as the Colombian National stamp on the Garage Hudson cover in my colection.


Type IV, largest recorded multiple

Another copy of Type IV

5 Centavos in new design
New discovered Proof on thick cardboard like paper. Two stamps in a identical design,  different design, however they are not known used on cover. If both stamps are essays or one of them them an essay/proof and the second one the issued stamps and not be said with certainty.


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