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The stamps and postal history of Garage Hudson are described in the famous book “The Private Mail Carriers of Colombia” by Dieter Bortfeldt with Carlos Valenzuela A. and Alfredo Frohlich. In addition, there is an article by Don Avery, published in “The American Philatelist”, issue November 2006 and by the same author in COPACARTA in September 2007 the article “The search for Garage Hudson”

However, Don Avery mentioned an article in “La Pola”, the one and only issues of the Colombia Study Circle of England, discussion these stamps. I must admit, I have never heard from that society nor from the magazine but would be interested in receiving a copy.

It is also not known yet whether Garage Hudson had a Garage not only in Cartagena of which a vintage photograph is shown below but in Barranquilla too? Well, if they transported mail between Cartagena and Barranquilla and vise-versa, one can assume that they had at least an office for receiving and delivery of mail but not necessarily a Garage itself. Maybe some Colombian members/collectors could so some research in the archives of Barranquilla and Cartagena?

This service ran only between Cartagena and Barranquilla in about 1924-26. Apparently they only issued two stamps, a 10 centavos black and a 10 centavos red-brown with a car (Hudson Model Super Six) in the center and LaPopa (monastery on a hill above Cartagena) in the background.  


A word on the date marking used on the covers/stamps. I noted that the date marking exists in two varieties: „APR 8 1924” and “ABR 30 1924”. Furthermore, the date format of the the marking exists in 2 versions. Recent research lead to the result that that postmark with date format "MONTH - DAY - YEAR" can be attributed to the office at Barranquilla while the postmark with the date format "DAY - MONTH - YEAR" to the office at Cartagena.

Recently I purchased the below shown Garage Hudson Cover. The cover is undated, addressed to Cartagena and the national Colombian Stamp as well as the 10 Centavos red, Garage Hudson stamp are cancelled with the bluish ANULADA marking, unlike the other postmarks known on such covers. Based on the date of issue of the national stamp I estimate the cover as of around 1925. Can some collector give further information on the ANULADA cancel?

The interesting part of the Garage Hudson stamp on that cover is that the stamp is having very wide margin all around, leading me to the theory that the Garage Hudson stamps were printed in small sheetlets containing one stamp only.

The red 10 Centavos Garage Hudson stamps were so far known with relatively small margins only, however, the black 10 centavos Garage Hudson stamp is known with wide margins on the upper, lower and left side. See “The Private Mail Carriers of Colombia” book by Dieter Bortfeldt with Carlos Valenzuela A. and Alfredo Frohlich where on page 190 the unique cover, franked with a 10 Centavos black with wide margins on left and bottom and relatively wide margins on top is shown.

A collector friend of mine, Mr. Roland Klinger (Email: Roland-Klinger@arcor.de) with far better graphical program capabilities then me has done some graphical manipulations on the 3 single stamps and the stamp on cover in my collection based on 1200 dpi scans and we came to the conclusion that the 3 single stamps and the one on the cover are in fact from the same cliché as no notable differences could be detected.

Single stamp and the stamp with the very wide margins out my collection graphically put one over the other, one stamp converted to green color, the other one remained red to spot differences; however, no differences can be discovered in design.

Some details scans put side by side.

CARtagena carTAGENA



Center Images

C. Valiente


Census of known stamps and covers:

Red Stamps

6 single stamps, 5-6 covers

Black stamps

1 cover and 1 stamp (the one listed in Williams Locals Handbook)

 I like to conclude with a summary of questions I still have:

  1. Do some collectors are having information on the ANULADA cancel as shown I the article?

  2. Do some collectors are having some explanations on the 2 different date formats in the date cancel used on the Garage Hudson stamps?

  3. Is the printer Francisco Valiente identical with C. Valiente M. or are they 2 different printing companies?

  4. Is the Barranquilla” single line marking a marking from the Colombian Post or a Garage Hudson office marking?

  5. Are some collectors having information on an office or agency of Garage Hudson located in Barranquilla?

  6. Who can supply me with a copy of “La Pola”, the one and only issues of the Colombia Study Circle of England if this magazine was ever published?

A vintage photo, showing the Garage Hudson itself in Cartagena


A vintage Postcard, of the Popa Hill in Cartagena with shown on the Garage Hudson stamps


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