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Unidentified items


On this page I show items which are not yet identified It could be that they do not belong to the Private Carriers of Colombia, on the other hand, based on there layout and appearance they seems not to relate to the Colombian Governmental Post.

Your help in identifying and classifying these items is much appreciated.



Reverse side of an unfranked cover addressed to Bucaramanga with a labels as follows:

Servicio de Ecomiendas No. 11503
Officina de origen..... COPETRAN
  (Note: violet Handstamp)
Porte $
Agenica-Pamplona (Note: violet Handstamp)

Who can identify this item? Any help is appreciated.

Here is a Colombian stamp with a postmark which reads "AEROTAXI" and in the middle I can decipher "AGENCY".


The postmark looks like the known agency postmarks, but, was AEROTAXI something different?

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