Postmarks of Iraq
1920 -

The attempt of an up-to-date listing...
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The Postmark of independent Iraq are somehow not very detailed studied. There is a listing in the famous book by Proud "The Postal History of Iraq"  but this book or better said the postmark listings, issued in 1996, is far from complete and what is listed is meanwhile outdated.

The attempt here ONLY deals with Iraq Postmarks starting from the Kingdom Area onwards..., . Ottoman Postmarks Fieldpost Markings (F.P.O)  are not included they are covered by specialist study groups.

The contribution of other collectors is highly appreciated, not only by providing images of postmarks, preferable with readable dates but also with listings of Post Offices in Iraq.

What "we" do not know yet is how to group the postmarks. ether strictly by cities, of course, most postmarks are from the big cities Baghdad, Basrah and Mosul , followed by the other cities in alphabetical order or al cities in strictly alphabetical order, or to subdivide the listing into the different eras...from Kingdom to Republic.

I plan to add registration labels and other postal related labels and cachets as well.

Lets see how the project develops...

As mentioned earlier, your contribution is highly appreciated..., clear scans, preferable by at least 300 dpi are welcomed, however, the submittal should contain the size of the postmark in mm, the complete English text, date and other details as available.

The name of the image should contain the city name.., I may rename the file in future based on the listing.

Proposals for naming the different sorts of postmarks are welcomed, to make it uniform with other postmark handbooks, international naming convention is preferred.

The postmarks of the Railway Post of Iraq are not included, they are covered by a separate Internet Page, furthermore, the Route Instruction Handstamps, Labels, Envelopes etc. used by the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa are covered here neither. For them please view the specialty Pages dedicated to the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa.