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In 1930, 55 Railway stations and the GPO in Baghdad were authorised to accept such mail. Most cancelled by the 31 mm octagonal dark blue or violet station handstamp.

In the below listing I will list the stations I know of, either based on my own collection or based on information received from other collectors. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

So far I know 3 different cancels used on these stamps.
(The images of the cancel I will try to extract from the stamps to show them clearer. Please check again in some time).
Apparently, in some rare and isolated cases, manuscript cancels have been used, so far I know this only from Ghuchan (Quchan).

Round Cancel
(This one might be a cancel from the Iraqi Governmental Post).

Octagonal Railway Post cancel

Oval Iraq Railways cancel

While browsing thru some photocopies of material I have received from other collectors I found the left stamp as above with another part of the oval Iraq railway cancel. Now only the lower part of the cancel is missing

A stamp with an half strike of the oval postmark, the city name in the lower part is clearly identifiable, in that case Khanaqín almost complete but not very clear oval Iraq Railway cancel. So far, Khanaqín is the only location where the use of this postmark can be confirmed.

Another piece, this time with the upper half of the oval postmark.