Nepal - Express Delivery Service

by Colin Hepper

There are two types of "Express Delivery" systems (called "Drut) associated with the modern postal services in Nepal. One is the official express service organized by the post office and the other is a private express delivery service registered by the government. All mail I have seen there has been an additional charge of 1 Rupee for the service
The post office mail has a number of different handstamps, the basic on being a single line handstamp reading "Express Postal Service".
In addition to this handstamp there is usually a further handstamp given the name of the post office, the delivery number and the date. These can be found in both Devanagari and English.
Some can be found in manuscript only and in these instances a red adhesive label with the word "Express" in white lettering has been placed at the top left hand corner of the envelope. Beside this have been written the details i.e. Drut No. and date.

Exambles of these handstamps are as follwos: -


express01.jpg (3121 bytes) express02.jpg (2397 bytes)
Express Delivery handstamp from Dhanusu D.P.O. Express Delivery handstamp from Morang


express03.jpg (2472 bytes) express04.jpg (2626 bytes)
Express Delivery handstamp from A.P.O. Butwal Express Delivery handstamp from Makawanpur D.P.O.


express05.jpg (7902 bytes)
Registered letter sent by Express Delivery from Chitwan P.O., Manuscript details read; Top line, Drut No. 1; middle, 2/19; bottom, Chitwan

Private Delivery Service

Letters sent by the private express delivery service all have similar handstamps on those sent by the post office except that all the ones I have seen have been in English only. They have EXDEL at the top and the letter number and destination in the lower sections.

express06.jpg (3374 bytes) express07.jpg (3403 bytes)

A further handstamp I have probably comes from another company, although the details are very similar except it states "Prompt" rather the "Exdel" and was used on a letter from Dharan to Kathmandu. In addition to this there is a second circular handstamp with the inscription round the outside of the circle reading "Prompt Communications Services" and in the centre "Dharan".

express08.jpg (10044 bytes)
Private delivery service handstamps on letter from Dharan to Kathmandu.

First published in Postal Himal No. 98, 2nd. Quarter 1999  

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