Nepal Postal Slogans

Part 1

by Colin Hepper

Postal slogans first began to appear on Nepal's internal mail after 1959 when they were admitted into the U.P.U.
Although this may be one of the less interesting areas for the postal history collector, the recording of these can be very helpful when trying to determine the various markings on the modern letters. Many of these letters have had the handstamp applied, (particularly the official government mail) and it is of help to know if these are official department handstamps, or if they have any postal significance. Postal slogans in general were only used for short periods of time and can be quite scarce to find and at the same time form a quite interesting sideline to a collection. There are rare occasions when these are used to cancel the letters.
The slogans consist of many general subjects, but there are categories that have been repeated in one form or another over a long period of years. This shows the importance the Nepalese government places in these areas and is trying to educate the people.
The slogans can be divided into following categories: Banking, Health, The Post Office, Tree Preservation, World Events and General Local Subjects.

It is difficult to asses if the banking slogans are in fact postal slogans or just the banks' own advertising handstamps that they applied to all their own mail, rather then being applied at a post office. The earliest one I have in my collection is from 1976:

slogan01.jpg (6068 bytes)
This is the only slogan to be all in English

1978 saw two more banking slogans which were both associated with encouraging people to save money, with slogan "A" saying simply "The bank is for saving" and slogan "B" saying "Nepal Bank - Today is the days for saving money in the bank".

slogan02.jpg (2740 bytes) slogan03.jpg (6191 bytes)
Slogan "A" Slogan "B"

In 1978 two further slogans came out, encouraging people to save their money with the bank. Although worded differently, they both have the same message, "Banks are friend for saving money". 

slogan04.jpg (4812 bytes)slogan05.jpg (7404 bytes)
Banks are friends for saving money

The final two I have in this banking section, I habe been unable to date

slogan06.jpg (5897 bytes) slogan07.jpg (4132 bytes)
Bank for wealth, Protection and for Interest Nepal Bank, Golden Jubilee Year

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First published in Postal Himal No. 93, 1st Quarter 1998 (Part 1), Postal Himal No. 94, 2nd Quarter 1998 (Part 2), Postal Himal No. 95&96, 3rd and 4th. Quarter 1998 and Postal Himal No. 97 (1st. Quarter 1999)  

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