Nepal Postal Slogans

Part 1a

by Colin Hepper

Tree Preservation
The erosion of the forrest in Nepal has become a major problem for them, as they had no re-planting programs. With no fuel source other then wood, and with trees being cut down, much of the fertile soil was washed away with rain. So for the last 25 years a re-planting program has been going with the help of outside aid. This is also reflected in the number of postal slogans on this subject.

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1976: County's future lies on planting trees. Success of planting trees depends on peoples participation


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Let us plant trees and improve our luck We need not only to plant trees but also to protect them


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1981: Let us plant a tree for clear, pure environment.
This slogan is know as being used to cancel letters.
1983: Having plant a tree, protect it.
This was used only on inward mail into Nepal.


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1985: By timely afforestation prevent soil erosion.


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1985: To make the children's future bright, let us plant trees.


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1981: Plant trees -  Save woods.

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First published in Postal Himal No. 93, 1st Quarter 1998 (Part 1), Postal Himal No. 94, 2nd Quarter 1998 (Part 2), Postal Himal No. 95&96, 3rd and 4th. Quarter 1998 and Postal Himal No. 97 (1st. Quarter 1999)  

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