Nepal Postal Slogans

Part 3

by Colin Hepper

1974: Postal Slogan in Devanagari and English, to help make the public aware of the Tuberculoses problem. Applied to incoming mail.

tb.jpg (2248 bytes)
'Help us fight T.B.'
tb-cover.jpg (66361 bytes)
'First day cover with the 1974 Christmas issue stamps sent from England in November 1974 to Nepal with the T.B.Postal Slogan'

1989: Introduced on 8th December 1989 in conjunction with the SAARC campaign against drug abuse and drug trafficking.

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'Avoid Life Injurious Drugs, SAARC Year 1989'


drugs-cover.jpg (7259 bytes)
'Official letter sent from Dhanusha P.O. with the Drugs Postal Slogan'

1991: Postal Slogan "Help the disabled" applied at Kathmandu on incoming mail.

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'Letter sent form Australia and received at Kathmandu on 1st. January 1981 with the "Help the disabled" slogan'
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Cheaper reliable and faster service is express service

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First published in Postal Himal No. 93, 1st Quarter 1998 (Part 1), Postal Himal No. 94, 2nd Quarter 1998 (Part 2), Postal Himal No. 95&96, 3rd and 4th. Quarter 1998 and Postal Himal No. 97 (1st. Quarter 1999)  

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