Nepal Postal Slogans

Part 3a

by Colin Hepper

HEALTH, cont.
1991: Postal slogan found on internal mail posted in January 1991

aids-cover.jpg (5164 bytes) aids-1.jpg (1334 bytes)

'AIDS Deadly Disease, let us act now'

1989: Two slogans appeared in July 1989 to help encourage people to give blood. One in English and the other in Devanagari.

blood-1.jpg (1811 bytes) 'Give Blood -
Save Live'
blood-2.jpg (1524 bytes)


blood-cover.jpg (13586 bytes)
'Internal cover sent on 6 July 1989 with both types of slogan struck in red. The devanagari slogan is also recorded in purple ink'.

1986: Postal slogan applied to internal mail for World Health day.

health-1.jpg (1620 bytes)
'Save Children - Give Vaccination'


health-cover.jpg (5769 bytes)
Internal cover with World Health Day slogan used on 15 April 1986.

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First published in Postal Himal No. 93, 1st Quarter 1998 (Part 1), Postal Himal No. 94, 2nd Quarter 1998 (Part 2), Postal Himal No. 95&96, 3rd and 4th. Quarter 1998 and Postal Himal No. 97 (1st. Quarter 1999)  

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