Nepal Postal Slogans

Part 4a

by Colin Hepper

World Food Day, cont...
1990: In 1990 four different types of slogan were used for 9th. World Food Day, all with the same wording "Protect environment, Increase Food Production". This slogans seem to have been used for of of the year.

food-1990-1.jpg (1734 bytes) food-1990.jpg (7332 bytes)
1990 World Food Day postal slogan
Type 1
Letter sent from Sindhuli to Kathmandu with the Nadalpur Atiritka Hulak to Kathmandu with the World Food Day type 1 postal slogan, dated November 1990


1990: 9th. World Food day, Type 2 and 3 postal slogans

1990-2.jpg (2103 bytes) 1990-3.jpg (1440 bytes)
Type 2 Type 3
food-1990-1a.jpg (21792 bytes)
The official cover at the top, posted at Parsa, in January 1990 has the Type 2 slogan and the lower cover, posted at Lalitpur has the type 3 slogan, both were used in February 1990
Type 4 of the  9th. World Food Day postal slogans was circular, and the only example I have is on a registered letter sent from the Surkhet Post Office, dated February 1991. This may well have been an error in the date slug and should have been 1990.
food-1994-1.jpg (2359 bytes) food-1994.jpg (4685 bytes)
Type 4

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First published in Postal Himal No. 93, 1st Quarter 1998 (Part 1), Postal Himal No. 94, 2nd Quarter 1998 (Part 2), Postal Himal No. 95&96, 3rd and 4th. Quarter 1998 and Postal Himal No. 97 (1st. Quarter 1999)  

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