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Correspondence The Near East - Air Ministry, London





The Near East

167 Strand

London, W.C.2.

July 26, 1923



The Secretary

Air Ministry

Kingsway, W.C.2.




It will have been brought to your notice that the Iraq Government is granting a contract to the Nairn Transport Company of Beyrout for the Transport of the mails between Haifa and Baghdad by Motor car. The surcharge for mails to and from Iraq is to be 3 Annas as compared with the rate of 6 Annas charged for the Air Mail between Cairo and Baghdad. The spirit of the contract with the Nairn Transport Company is that the whole of the mail matter now conveyed by the R.A.F. should be transferred to the Motor Service.

It would be materially assist those who are helping to further this latter service if it were known:


1: That the R.A.F. is willing to hand over the mail and is not in a position under any contract to prevent the transfer of mail matter to the motor service; and

2: That the G.P.O. approves of the new contract contemplated by the Iraq Government and is prepared to co-operate from this end in the motor service.


I should be glad, therefore, if you could see your way to giving me information on this subject.


I have the honour to be, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,

(Sdg) H.T. Montague Bell.

Managing Director.