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Correspondence between UK General Post Office and UK Foreign Office


Letter sent 28 June 1923

Signed by (not readable)

Regd. No. 157326/23

Your ref: E.5802/4513/65


Write to:-

The Under Secretary of State,





I am directed by the Postmaster General to refer to your letter of the 18th. instant concerning the proposed motor transport service between Haifa and Baghdad and to acquaint you, for the information of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, that this Office is already in communication with the Post Office of Iraq ??????????? ascertained to what extent it may be practicable to make use of the new route for letter mails from this country for Iraq and Persia.


The Postmaster General concerns in the proposal of the Secretary of State to express to Mr. Palmer his satisfaction at the enterprise and initiative which he has shown in the matter. Mr. Nairn who appears from newspaper extracts to have been in London during the early part of this month did not communicate with the Post Office.


The receipt of the Foreign Office letter, to which you refer dated the 31st of May No. E-5289/4513/65, cannot at present be traced. Perhaps you will be good enough to furnish a copy of it.


I am, etc.


June 1923