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Eastern Transport Company


The Eastern Transport Company apparently was formed in 1924 and issued shares to investors.

Office Stamp of that company as struck on the share below. 

Inscription of the handstamp "Automobile -Beyrouth - Bagdad - Teheran"

Share for the amount of 100 (French) Francs, issued by the Eastern Transport Company wit the coupons still attached. 10000 shares had been issued, this is so far the only one known.

In 1926 the Nairn Transport Company took over the Eastern Transport Company, which had offered its services on the same route. Nairn integrated this company in his company and named the new company Nairn Eastern Transport Company Ltd which was inaugurated on 20 September 1926 (Exactly 2 years after the share had been issued) with its main office in Damascus and sub-office in Beirut.