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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from French Mandate in Syria and Lebanon


Postage Rate French Mandate in Syria and Lebanon - Iraq (surface mail):

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

From Till Cover up to 20 grams Cover up to 40grams
    4 Piaster  


Registration Fee

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

From Till Fee
    4 Piaster


Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

Date of Decree Surcharge
25.12.1923 4 Piaster



The decree of the Haut Commissariat de la République Française en Syrie et au Liban, decree No. 2350 from 25. December 1923 mentiones:
(Information Courtesy of Jean-Bernard Parenti)


- 401 -

Decree´No. 2350




Postal notice about the approval of the special (extraordinary) mail exchange from Syria and Lebanon to Iraq and the fixing of a surcharge applicable for this mail exchange.











    General Weygang, high commissioner of the French Republic in Syria and Lebanon

    Under consideration of the decree issued by the President of the French republic dated 23rd. November 1920

    Under consideration of the decree No. 1595 about the international postage rates in Syria and Lebanon

    Under Consideration of the report by the Inspector general for Post and telegraph for Syria and Lebanon

    Based on the recommendation of the secretary general and after the notice of the High Commissariat financial adviser:






    Art. 1: The special (extraordinary) transport (by automobile) of the mail exchange / the mail form Syria and Lebanon to Iraq is approved.


    For the time being, only registered letters and ordinary letters are accepted.




    Art. 2: The correspondence using the Special Service as per Art. 1 is subject to a surcharge equal to the ordinary postage rates (International service).

    Art. 3 : The secretary general and the inspector general for Post and Telegraph in Syrian and Lebanon are – individual instructed – responsible for the execution of the said agreement.





Beyrout, 25 December 1923       


Signed : WEYGAND             



The cover dated 06.09.1924 is correclty franked with a total of 12 piaster (4 P postage to Iraq, 4 P. registration and 4 P. Overland Mail surcharge.


Cover from Lebanon to Baghdad/Iraq with a Publicity handstamp Type PH-3, reading "NAIRN EASTERN TRANSPORT COMPANY LTD - BAGHDAD" and the signature of G. Nairn.