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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Malta

Postage Rate Malta - Iraq (surface mail):

Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)


From Till Cover up to 1 oz. Cover up to 1 oz.
01-03.1922 02.12.1925 3d 1 1/2 d
03.12.1925 19.08.1940 2 1/2 d 1 1/2 d


Note: The reduction of rate in 1925 is assumed as it is not confirmed by an official announcement. However, a stamp with a nomination of 2 1/2d (Two pence / halfpenny) overprint has been issued on 3rd. December 1925 and subsequently reported in the Maltese Postal Gazette No. 366.


Overland Mail surcharge.

Until now, no official announcement has been found in the announcements of the Maltese Postal Administration. However, based on the fact that the Maltese Postal Administration usually followed the British Postal System it can be safely assumed that the Overland Mail surcharge has been 3d, in line with the Surcharge the British Post has charged.



Cover posted in Valetta on 10th. December 1925, on reverse Transit Postmark Port Said (Egypt) 15. December 1925) and the arrival postmark Baghdad (2nd. January 1926). Total transit time 23 days, postage rate 5 1/2d. Due to the long transit time, it is believed that the cover was sent in error the long route via Karachi/Bombay, despite the higher rate paid.



Another cover from Malta to Iraq. Postage rate 6d. Posted at VALETTA, dated 20.MAR.26" to Bagdad via "HAIFA -BAGDAD OVERLAND MAIL", Transit Postmark "PORT SAID 26.MAR.26".