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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded Mail from Palestine

The Postage rate from Palestine for Mail to Iraq has been as follows:


From Till Rate (first 20 Grams) Rate (additional 20 Grams)
01.01.1923 31.05.1932 13 M 7 M.
01.06.1932 30.06.1940 15 M 9 M.
01.07.1940   15 M. 10 M.

Registration Fee

From Till Rate
01.10.1921 30.06.1940 13 M.
01.07.1940   15 M.


From Till Rate
01.01.1923 15.12.1925 8 M.
16.12.1925 31.05.1932 7 M.
01.06.1932   8 M.

Overland Mail Surcharge

From Till Rate (first 20 Grams) Rate (additional 20 Grams)
To be confirmed 15 05.1925 13 M. To be confirmed
15 05.1925 10.03.1929 13 M. 13 M.

Late Fee

Yet to be informed / confirmed


Apparently, "Late Fee" charges for Palestine were in place and the literature reports that the regulations as of 1st. October 1925 for Palestine were that "Late Fee" mail could be handed in for posting at post office counters up to 10 minutes after the normal posting tikes on Thursday (in Jerusalem) of 3:45 PM for ordinary mail and 3:30 PM for registered mail. No Late Fee handstamps are known for Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon or Syria. Nevertheless, no Late Fee" cover from Palestine, transported by the Overland Mail, is known s far.

Registration Envelope, 1922-28, Provisional entire (PR4), used 1924 (January 30) from Acre to Iraq by "Overland Mail", franked 39 m (13. postage + 13 m Overland fee + 13 m reg.) London II, This is a very early use of the Overland route which began in late 1923 and is the only Provisional entire recorded to Iraq by this route