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Eastwards bounded Mail from Palestine - Forerunner

Palestine "Rapide" Mail to Haifa and Beyrouth

Forerunner of the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa


Newspaper Clipping from Jerusalem Gazette 11 January 1923.

Source: Official Gazette of the Government of Palestine, 5. 1923, no. 84 (1.02.1923), p. 49. Clipping courtesy of Tobias Zywietz.



Commencing on the 1st February 1923 a "Rapide" letter mail will be despatched daily, except Sunday, from Haifa to Beyrouth by motor.

Every letter intended for inclusion in the special mail must bear a 1 P.T. stamp in addition to the ordinary foreign postage and must be clearly marked on the front of the cover with the words "By special service".

Such correspondence may be posted at any office in Palestine in the same manner as ordinary correspondence.

Parcels will not he accepted for conveyance by the special service.

The saving time by the "Rapide" service as compared with railborn mails is from 24 to 48 hours.

General Post Office
11 January 1923
W. Hudson
Postmaster General

It has yet to be confirmed that this "Rapide" letter mail was also carried out by Nairn, similar to the Special Service in Egypt.

I would be appreciated in any image of such a cover.