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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Turkey


Postage Rate xxxxx - Iraq (surface mail):

Based on research by Mr. Basler, Berlin / Germany, prepared 1996

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

From Till Cover up to 20 grams Additional 20 Grams Registration
June 1921 1924 7 1/2 Guerche 3 3/4 Guerche 7 1/2 Guerche
1925 1926 10 Guerche 6 Guerche 10 Guerche
1927 June 1930 12 1/2 Guerche 7 1/2 Guerche 16 Guerche


No Information has been found so far for any information on Overland Mail Surcharges by Turkish Post. However, the cover below indicate based on its postage rate that there has been an surcharge, but so far it is a theoryonly.


Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

Date of Announcement Type of Postal Article Surcharge




This registered cover from Istanbul, dated 2 January 1929 to Teheran, is franked with a total of 38.50 Kurus. As per my information, the rate for a registered cover would have been 28.50 Kurus (12.50 Kurus, 16 Kurus registration charges) which would leave a balance of 10 Kurus as Overland Mail Surcharge. However, no official information has been found on this yet. On reverse Transit Postmark Baghdad (10 January 1929) and arrival Postmark Teheran dated 17 January 1929.


Another image of a cover from Turkey on an Imprinted Envelope (IE-39) transported by Overland Mail to Baghdad, dated 29 October 1933. Who can provide a better (colored) copy of that item)? Also an image of the reverse side where eventually some transit markings to prove the route would be of interest.