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Postal History


The information presented on this website is all I have been able to accumulate at the present time. By no means I claim the information provided is complete. Unfortunately, many attempts to ask for information in Postal Archives, Museums and even collectors are just unanswered. Nevertheless, with the help of several philatelists, the information presented here has been obtained. Though this is not as complete as I would like, it does give a fair view of the story of the Postal History of the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa.


The research is still ongoing and almost on daily/weekly basis I receive additional information or discover information or items, sometimes small, sometimes big.


Unfortunately, the political situation in the Middle East makes it almost impossible to receive first hand information. From certain countries no official records exist, namely Iran, also from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia no official Information exists. Even western Postal Administrations, when going private, disposed much of their archives, leaving collectors in the dark..., but as mentioned earlier there are still nice and knowledgeable helpful people ready to help as much and good as they can...


The Postal History Section of this website covers the Route Instruction Markings, Publicity Envelopes and of course the Overland Mail Surcharges imposed by the Overland Mail. Furthermore I plan to publish official records and correspondence as found in some archives to give a good amount of background information behind the story of the formation of the Overland Mail, political implications and their means of influence...


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Over the years I have discovered many items not listed the handbook of Collins and the listing here is an update of what is known to me. For sure, more items exist, just waiting to be discovered.


There are still many open questions and I encourage every collector to work with me to solve the open questions of this interesting area.