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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Westwards bounded rates from Bahrain


Postage Rate Bahrain to Europe and USA (surface mail):

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The below table has been worked out based on the study of numerous Bahrain covers, including the ones sent thru the Overland Mail. Till date, about 35 Bahrain covers sent thru the Overland Mail are known. I am very thankful to Thomas Johansen of Abu Dhabi for the comprehensive study of the covers known to him and me, some of them are not part of our collections


Surface Rates
To Weight From 1920 From 01.01.1927 From 01.12.1931
USA & Rest of the World first oz. 2as 3as 3.5as
ad. oz. ? 2as 2as
UK first oz. 1.5as 2as 2.5as
ad. oz. 1as 1.5as 2as
Europe first oz. 2.5as 3as 3.5as
ad. oz. 1as 1.5as 2as
Book Post 1st. 2 oz. 0.5as 0.5as 0.75as
Postcards N/A 1as 1.5as 2as


Registration charges
At around 1920 Between 1920 and 1931 From 1931 - 1948
2as 2.5as 3as


Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail
From Till Surcharge
1924 1948 2.5as


The study of the covers indicates that the Overland Mai surcharge was 2.5 Annas, regardless of the weight of the cover. This was different from the surcharges of European Postal Agencies which had imposed surcharges based on the weight. However, it makes sense that the rate remained constant during the whole period since it was initially an advantage but by 1927 in the introduction of airmail via Baghdad and then airmail from Bahrain in 1932 it would have been very difficult for them to rate the rate. Also the surface rate for mail to the USA remained constant from 1931 to 1948.

Cover from Bahrain to USA, 6 Anna rate, 3.5 Anna Postage, 2.5 Anna Overland Mail Aurcharge. 

If some collectors have additional information on these rates, kindly contact me.