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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Westwards bounded rates from Saudi Arabia


Postage Rate Saudi Arabia - Iraq (surface mail):

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)


From Till Cover up to 20 grams Cover up to 40 grams



Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail
Date of Announcement Type of Postal Article Surcharge


No Postal Notice has been found so far for Saudi Arabia with reference to the Overland Mail, however, apparently 2 covers are known, carried by the Overland Mail. One of which is shown below.

Saudi Arabia, overland cover sent from Djedda on 11/7/1934 to Doha, Bahrain via Port Said. Franked by unperforated 3½ g and ½ g carity stamp. The red manuscript marking  "Tarik Sariah" (by Fast Road) must be understood as `Overland Mail`. On reverse Port Said transit Postmark dated 15/07/1934 and the hard to read Bahrain cancellation. Cover not in my collection. 

Courtesy Cedaratamps