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The Route Instruction Handstamps, cont. HS-N51 -


On his page all new discovered handstamps will be listed, waiting for publication in an eventually new publication.



  • If a link in the colum "Cover Image" is provided, a fully size high resolution image of the cover bearing the respective Handstamp. That image will open in a new layer.

  • If you copy the image that has been scanned from the original cover and open and enlarge it with a graphic program you will see measuring lines around the handstamp imprint. These lines indicate the measuring border from which the actual measurement has been taken.

Handbook Number


Cover Image

Handbook Size

Measured size
(from items in my collection)




Similar to HS-93 but only one line of text on a cover from Kirmanshar, Iran (21 January 1934) to England. Item not in my collection, hence size con not be verified. A color copy is appreciated.



Cover from Beirut, Lebanon, dated 13 April 1926 in the collection of the late Zvi Alexander. Interesting Bi-Lingual Route Instruction Handstamp whereas the English part is misspelled OVRELAND instead of OVERLAND.