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The Route Instruction Handstamps


A large number of route instruction handstamps have been recorded and many others are known but so far not recorded in the literature. The colored mages of Route Instruction Handstamps are scanned from actual covers while the Black/White mages are scanned samples form contemporary literature which I show for reference only. These images will replaced with colored ones as soon as I have them in my collection.


On my site I will only show handstamps which are either in my own collection or hand stamps which I could measure my self to verify the size. Therefore the listing will not be complete (but growing) and is already very much representative.


Previous writers have listed the handstamps with number HS-1 till HS-94 in a sequence, largely based on the inscription of the handstamp and I will follow the same sequence, however, newly discovered types are added at the end of the list with numbering starting from HS-N01 -...

Due to the large number of known handstamps i have divided the listing into 6 parts for easier loading and handling.


I do not agree with the classification by previous specialist. I feel that several of the lists types are in fact identical. However, in 1990, measurements were done by ruler, sometimes only based on photocopies which definitely will lead to small wrong measurements. However, until my theory is proven, I will continue with the previous numbering. Notes on my findings are mentioned in the comment column.



  • Black and White (B/W) images are images copied from the handbook and are only shown as reference, neither in actual size, nor are they described.

  • If a link in the colum "Cover Image" is provided, a fully size high resolution image of the cover bearing the respective Handstamp. That image will open in a new layer.

  • If you copy the image that has been scanned from the original cover and open and enlarge it with a graphic program you will see measuring lines around the handstamp imprint. These lines indicate the measuring border from which the actual measurement has been taken.

Please continue on the following pages to all the so far known handstamps