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Imprinted Envelopes


Up to date, about 51 imprinted envelopes have been recorded in the literature but some more have been found since then. The publisher of these envelopes are unknown. Some specialists believe they were issued by the Iraqi postal administration, a good theory but so far not proven.


Some imprinted envelopes apparently have different settings, a indication that they were printed on demand. Unfortunately, some of the imprinted envelopes I can not classify due to the poor illustrations in the literature and the I mention my thoughts in the comment column.


For the first time i noted and recorded here that various Imprinted Envelopes exist in several envelope sizes, Something not noted, recorded and reported previously. Similar to what i have noted, recorded and published also for the Nairn Publicity Envelopes.



  • Black and White (B/W) images are images copied from the handbook and are only shown as reference, neither in actual size, nor are they described.

  • If a link in the column "Cover Image" is provided, a fully size high resolution image of the cover bearing the respective Handstamp. That image will open in a new layer.

  • If you copy the image that has been scanned from the original cover and open and enlarge it with a graphic program you will see measuring lines around the handstamp imprint. These lines indicate the measuring border from which the actual measurement has been taken.

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