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Nairn Publicity Envelopes - Type 1


Nairn Transport Company (18 October 1923 – 19 September 1926)


The Nairn Transport Company was officially opened on 18 October 1923 and operated under this name until 19 September 1926. From this period four different types of advertising envelopes are known, some of them in different sizes. The relatively high number of different advertising envelopes reflects the newly opened company’s initial efforts to make the company known to the public.

This advertising envelope is, along with Type 8, the only type not bearing the normal Nairn logo (palm trees, camels and vehicle). The poor resolution image in this logo appears to be palm trees and a Bedouin on a camel (or in Arabic cloth?). The four cities of Haifa, Beyrout, Damascus and Baghdad are mentioned, indicating that Nairn offices were located in these cities.



Type 1: Advertising envelope to UK, franked with stamps of the French-Levant, today’s Lebanon, dated 20 September 1924. This is the only reported example of this envelope (Ex Collection Art Groten, current owner unknown). 


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