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Nairn Publicity Envelopes - Type 2


Nairn Transport Company (18 October 1923 – 19 September 1926)

Type 2 advertising envelopes are known used from 10 April 1924 until end of April 1936. A total of three subtypes have been identified. Reminders of the old envelope stock are also used after Sep 1926 when the name was changed to Nairn Eastern Transport Company Ltd....

Type 2a

Type 2b: Damas(cus) to England, dated 14 February 1934, franked with Syrian stamps.

Type 2c (Ex Collection Zvi Alexander)

Type 2c: Another mystery. The logo is type 2, however, the envelope appears to be Manila paper, similar to that used for Type 7 advertising envelopes. Size approx. 158 x 129 mm (calculated graphically out of the image). (Ex Collection Art Groten, current owner unknown).

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