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Nairn Publicity Envelopes - Type 5


Name change to Nairn Eastern Transport Company Ltd.

In 1926, the Nairn brothers took over another transport company, the Eastern Transport Company. They merged the two companies and reorganized them. However, for financial and political reasons which are beyond the scope of this article, the Nairn Brothers sold this new company to a group of English and French investors. Norman Nairn, however, arranged to remain in a supervising role and he became the Managing Director of the "Nairn Eastern Transport Company Ltd“. That company was registered on 20 September 1926 with its head office in Damascus and a sub-office in Beirut. The renaming of the company was reflected in the advertising envelopes of which two different envelopes, one in two different formats, are known.

Type 5a: Beirut to Paris, France, dated 21 June 1929, franked with a Lebanese stamp.

Type 5b:
Damas(cus) to England, dated 7 June 1933, franked with Syrian stamps

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