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Nairn Publicity Envelopes - Type 8


Nairn Transport Company LTD (1936 – approx. 1956)

This advertising envelope is, besides Type 1, the only type which does not bear the usual Nairn logo. The inscription on the hand reads „Faith / Service / Ideal“ and the inscription below the hand reads „Any Inefficient / Service, Staff / or Equipment Write / N. Nairn, Beyrouth“.

Type 8: 10 November 1936 from Damas(cus) to Souk El Gharb, Lebanon. This is the only known example of this type. Ex Collection Groten, current owner unknown. 


In 1956, after many years of successful business, the political situation became increasingly difficult. Gerald Nairn had already retired from the business some years before and had dispersed the shares and assets he had in the company. After careful consideration, Norman Nairn sold his shares to his employees, some of whom had worked more than 33 years for Nairn. The story of Norman Nairn and his transportation companies came to an end. However, the name Nairn is still a synonym for Overland Buses in the region.