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Levant Express Transport S.A.


The company was founded in 1930. The collection of Art Groten contained a letter with the company cachet, stating that “At one time, they carried mail between Cairo, Baghdad and Teheran.” It seems that after they have sold their interest in the route to the west of Baghdad to Nairn in 1936, they retained only the Iranian route operated by sister company S.A. Levant Express Transport (Iran) in Teheran. They also stopped transporting mail on that route at some point of time. Details unknown.

Imprint of office stamp of that company as struck on reverse side of the cover below. 
It is obvious that before the word LEVANT something was cut out of the rubber stamp, a few stains are still visible. Maybe the company has been renamed? It would be interesting to know what the previous name of the company was!



Here a similar cover to the one ex Art Groten, dated 22 June 1941 from Baghdad to New York.

Reverse side of the cover with the company cachet as seen enlarged on top.