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Iraq, De La Rue Essays for proposed Overland Mail stamps


It seems that Bradbury Wilkinson, the famous previous British printing house, in 1926 had prepared set of six photographic essays for an unissued "Overland Mail" 6 (Rupees). (2 different) and Air Mail 1r. (3 different) and 5r. stamps. If this was done on the request of the Iraqi Postal Administration or on initiative of Bradbury Wilkinson them self is not known so far. The essays are affixed to pages ex the Bradbury Wilkinson archive dated 25 June 1926.

These essays are often called De La Rue Essays but they are in fact prepared by Bradbury Wilkinson at the time before they were taken over by by De La Rue in 1986.



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Below the complete sheet of the Bradbury Wilkinson Essay sheet ex the De La Rue archive (click to enlarge)

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