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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Belgium

So far, no information could be found that Belgium had issued postal announcement and implemented surcharges for the use mail transported by the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa. Nevertheless, there has been correspondence between Belgium Post and British Postal Administration about the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa furthermore, i the records I had found at the Postal Museum of London (Postal Heritage), some letters are recorded. 


Postage Rate Belgium - Iraq (surface mail):

date Format dd.nn.yyyy

From To Cover up to
20 grams
Each additional
20 grams
01.03.1921 31.03.1924 0,50 Fr. 0,25 Fr. 0,50 Fr.
01.04.1924 30.09.1925 0,75 Fr. 0,40 Fr. 0,75 Fr.
01.10.1925 30.06.1926 1,00 Fr. 0,50 Fr. 1,00 Fr.
01.07.1926 31.10.1926 1,25 Fr. 0,75 Fr. 1,25 Fr.
01.11.1926 30.0,4.1927 1,50 Fr. 0,90 Fr. 1,50 Fr.
01.05.1927 15.09.1945 1,75 Fr. 1,00 Fr. 1,75 Fr.

 Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail

Date of the Announcement Surcharge Type of Postal Article
Not yet known    


I am not aware of any cover from Belgium to Iraq carried by the Overland Mail, nevertheless, in the documents found in the Postal Museum of London some handwritten tables were found indicating that there were some covers sent from Belgium via UK to Iraq carried by the Overland Mail.