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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Egypt

Postage Rate Egypt - Iraq (surface mail): (Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

From Till Cover up to 20 grams Cover up to 40 grams
23.10.1923   15 M.  

Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail

Date of Decree Surcharge for cover up to 20 grams Each additional 20 grams Printed Matters, Newspapers, Business Papers & Samples
23.10.1923 15 M. 15 M.  
22.06.1925 12 M. 12 M. 4 M / 50 Grams
March 1927?     5 M / 50 Grams

It is reported that in the “Journal Officiel” issue from 1923, it was announced the following:

Oct. 23 (102.5)

The Postmaster-General announces that within effect from the 24th instant, only ordinary and registered correspondence for Iraq will be accepted for transmission via Haifa-Baghdad by the weekly special motor car service.


Correspondence intended for despatch by that route bust bear in red ink in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope or address label the words “By Overland Mail Haifa Baghdad”.


The rates of postage are as follows:

The usual postage chargeable for the class of mail despatched

A special fee of 15 milliemes per unit of 20 grammes or fraction of 20 grammes, irrespective of the class of postal matter carried.


Insufficiently prepaid correspondence will be despatched by sea from Port Said. The departure and arrival of such correspondence will be as follows:


Departure: From Alexandria every Wednesday at 4PM; Cairo Wednesday as 6:15PM; Port Said Wednesday at 6PM.

Arrival: At Baghdad on Saturday at 10 PM; from Baghdad at 3PM, arriving at Qantara on Sundays at 8PM.


Responsibility for registered correspondence is accepted within the usual limits applicable to loss thereof during transit.


Furthermore, it is reported that in the “Journal Officiel” issue from 1924, it was announced under decree Mar. 27 (29.4) that the red overland mail labels have been issued.


This October 22, 1924 cover from Egypt to Iraq is franked with 30 Milliemes so it is assumed that 15 M. is for ordinary postage and 15 M. as Overland Mail surcharge. In addition the red label issued by the Egyptian Post.


Here is a letter from GPO London, UK Post Office, dated 3 June 1924, confirming the rate of 15 M.


A Picture Postcard sent on 24 June 1930 from Post Said to Baghdad.

Postage rate of 8 MM would relate to the printed matter rate (4 MM) plus Overland Mail Surcharge of additional 4 MM (double rate).

Who can provide additional details on the printed matter rate in relation to Picture Postal Cards?