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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Eastwards bounded rates from Italy

Postage Rate Italy - Iraq (surface mail):

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)

From Till Cover up to 20 grams Cover up to 40 grams
01.01.1923 31.12.1925 L 1,00  
01.01.1926 30.09.1944 L 1,25  



From Till Fee
01.01.1923 31.12.1925 L 1,00
01.01.1926 30.09.1944 L 1,25

Surcharge for the use of Overland Mail

Date of Decree Surcharge / 20 grams or fraction of
01.10.1924 L 1,00
01.09.1926 L 1,50
01.11.1929 L 0,20
16 June 1932 Surcharge abolished


Below the images of a nice cover sent on 9 February 1928 from Lonigo to Kirkuk, Iraq. So far the first and only cover from Italy known, sent by the Overland Mail



Total Rate is 4,00 L, comprising of 1,25 L Postage, 1,25 L, Registration Fee and 1,50 L Overland Mail surcharge. 


I found a source for the old Postal Notices from Italy and found two additional references in the bulletins from 1924..., more to come.

Transcripts and translations will follow shortly.



Sopratasse per le corrispondenze dirette all'estero da avviarsi con i servizi aerei ed automobilistici.

Surcharge for correspondence ...  

(N. 406716-1. D. T.)

(only the paragraphs are mentioned which are related to the Overland Mail Bagdad-Haifa)

A datare dal 1º settembre 1926 le sopratasse per le corrispondenze originarie dall'Italia a destinazione … ed Iraq, trasportate con i servizi aerei ed automobilistici saranno modificate come segue:

As of the date of 1st September 1926 the surcharge for correspondence from Italy to its destination Iraq, transported Overland and Car is being modified as following:

Per l’Iraq, Servizio automobilistico Haifa – Bagdad per ogni 20 grammi o frazione di 20 grammi L. 1.50

For Iraq, Service by Car from Haifa - Baghdad per 20 Gramm or fraction of 20 Gramm L. 1.50

Giova infine rammentare che le corrispondenze da avviarsi con i suddetti servizi .dovranno portare in modo chiaro ed appariscente al disopra dell 'indirizzo l'indicazione, a  seconda dei casi:

Finally, it is worth remembering that the correspondence to be made with the above mentioned services must clearly and conspicuously bring the indication above the address, as the case may be:

Par Automobile Haifa - Bagdad

Par Automobile Haifa - Bagdad



Rassegna delle Poste dei Telegrafi e dei Telefoni, November 1929, § 179

(En "Rassegna delle Telecomunicazioni”, fasc. IX del1 maggio 1928, paragr. 253). La sopratassa delle corrispondenze di qualsiasi categoria, ordinarie e raccomandate, da avviarsi a mezzo del servizio automobilistico Damasco - Bagdad (già Haifa - Bagdad) fu ridotta dall'aprile 1929 da lire 1,50 a lire 0,20 ogni 20 grammi o frazione di 20 grammi (in "Rassegna PTT, n. 5/1929, paragr. 179).

Dal 16 giugno 1932, tale sopratassa venne abolita per Ie lettere e Ie cartoline. Infatti "Ie dette specie di corrispondenze sono tutte istradate in via normale. con tale mezzo.

(In "Rassegna delle Telecomunicazioni", fasc. IX of 1 May 1928, paragr. 253). The surcharge of the correspondences of any category, ordinary and recommended, to be transported by the car service Damascus - Baghdad (formerly Haifa - Baghdad) was reduced as of April 1929 from 1,50 lire to 0,20 lire for every 20 grams or fraction of 20 grams (in "Review PTT, n. 5/1929, paragr. 179).

From 16 June 1932, this surcharge was abolished for letters and postcards. In fact, "The so-called species of correspondence are all routed in the normal way. by this means.



Per tutte Ie altre specie di corrispondenze, per Ie quali i mittenti chiedano II trasporto sui servizio automobilistico Damasco - Bagdad, rimane ferma la sopratassa di cent. 20 ogni 20 grammi
o frazione di 20 grammi" (In "Rassegna PTT, 1932, n. 5). Venne pol abolita per stampe, campioni i e manoscritti dal luglio 1932 (idem, n. 8, paragrafo 245).

For all the other
types of correspondences, for which the senders ask for the transport on the car service Damascus - Baghdad, the surcharge remains firm. 20 for every 20 grams or fraction of 20 grams" (In "Rassegna PTT, 1932, n. 5). It was abolished for prints, samples and manuscripts from July 1932 (idem, n. 8, paragraph 245).