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Postal Rates and Overland Mail Surcharges


Westwards bounded rates from Iran - Rate Period 1


Postage Rate Iran (Foreign Rate) to Europe and USA (surface mail)

(Date Format dd.mm.yyyy)


Earliest known date: 21.12.1923

Latest known date: 15.12.1924

Postage Rate
(up to 20 Grams)
  Postage Rate
(each additional 20 Grams)
  Registration   Overland Mail Surcharge
per 20 Grams
  Overland Mail Surcharge
each additional 20 Grams
20 Ch.   10 Ch.   20 Ch.   20 Ch.   20 Ch.


Ordinary Letters

40 Ch. rate            


Registered letters

60 Ch. rate           180 Ch. Rate (5. weight class)


Postcards and other Postal Subjects



Unclear franking's

70 Ch. rate
Why 70 Chais? It is an ordinary, not registered cover
  40 Chais Rate plus British Postage Due of  of 1 pence so British Post either must have been aware of a different rate, or mistake by British Post   50 Chais Rate