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Manipulated Items


Sometimes you see items which look interesting but on the second spot you notice something weird. Such items will be shown here... 


A beautiful cover on the first spot, however, the Iraq Service stamp on front (lower right side) has been added. On the other hand, on reverse one stamp is missing. Needless to say, the added Iraq stamp is described as rare two-country franking, the missing stamp on reverse is (forgotten) to mention.


Also this cover s frequently offered at a relatively high price but failed to be sold so far .The seller is ignorant enough to accept the facts.




Another manipulated item still offered at ebay, this time without mentioning the Overland Mail Route Instruction Handstamp.

A otherwise wonderful 1922 cover to Egypt, but, in 1922 the Overland Mail was not yet in operation!!! The registered cover is sent from Basrah on 6 December 1922, on reverse Baghdad Transit postmark dated 8 December 1922 and arrival postmark Cairo 11 December 1922. On front a Basrah, framed, blue registration label and, what surprises me, a "Overland Mail Basrah-Haifa" Route Instruction handstamp. However, Overland Mail Service started only in late 1922. So, either the Overland Mail handstamp was added to enhance the cover or the cover is a totals fabrication. Who can help to solve the mystery?



Note: The cover is not in my collection but offered frequently but unsuccessfully for sale at auction.