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FELCA Watch "Desert Router", ca. 1956-57


1957, Resitant Campanion

The «Desert Router» became the official Time Keeper / Chronometer of the Bus-Drivers from the  «Overland-Desert-Mail-Service», which drives between the Syrian Capital Damascus and the Iraqi Capital Baghdad through the Syro-Iraqi great desert. Equipped with an Ebauches Movement and Monorex-Shock-Resisitnece, this watch withstand the climatically and physical challenge of the Nairn Transports.

An apparently FELCA advertising, where this had been published? I assume in an Arab newspaper in Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Haifa?



Pamphlet of unknown Original Source.

Any information on this pamphlet is welcomed!

In 1956, after many years of successful business, the political situation became increasingly difficult. Gerald Nairn had already retired from the business some years before and had dispersed the shares and assets he had in the company. After careful consideration, Norman Nairn sold his shares to his employees, some of whom had worked more than 33 years for Nairn. The story of Norman Nairn and his transportation companies came to an end. However, the name Nairn is still a synonym for Overland Buses in the region.

Here are some detailed photos, reproduced with kind permission of
Philipp Morgenroth., http://forum.watchtime.ch

Top view, after restoration


Inside View, after restoration Bottom View, after restoration


I just received the information that this watch was also produced in Gold. More Information and images will be added as soon as the arrive.