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It seems to be difficult to find photos of staff working for the Nairn Companies, neither from Management of Nairn nor the normal employees...

So far I could locate only two undated photos of Norman Nairn as well as a Press Photo, dated 14 July 1924 in New York.

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Press Photo of Norman Nairn Norman Nairn, ca. 1920 in Beirut


I just learned about Ernest Stanley Fraser- also known as Bill - who was a Director of Nairn Transport after WW1. He is allegedly responsible for the design of the tractor trailer linkage that allowed the trailers to stay attached to the tractor units in the difficult conditions of the desert 'roads'. He continued to run the company after the Nairns retired.


Earnest was demobbed out of the army in Cairo Egypt. in 1919. He must have been quite someone as he graduated from Private to full Sergeant in under 2 years in the field. He apparently set up a pork sausage stall outside the army camp which did a roaring trade. One of the Nairn brothers thought this quite enterprising and offered him a job with NTC. He effectively ran it from about 1922. Later the Iraqi government starting putting up more and more charges for the Garage in Baghdad and eventually nationalised that end of it, which killed the business.

More will be added as information arrives.