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For the studies on the Overland Mail i like to request the help of fellow philatelist. On this Pages will list documents i would like to have as good quality copy. Some of the documents i have already in my archive but in a quality which does not allow uploading it here.
I will share copies of Documents i have in my archive so i appreciate some sort of reproducible contribution.

Also information where such documents copies could be found is of interest.

If you can/will help, please contact me by Email.

Here my "Want / Nice to have" list. Needless to say, also any original item, not only documents is of interested, Newspaper clippings, memorabilia is of interest and everything which is related to the Postal History of the Overlaid Mail Baghdad-Haifa is of interest and i appreciate any offer.

UPU Circular No. 4854/157, dated 15 June 1925

Overland Mail Surcharge imposed by British Post: While it is known that the surcharge of 3d. was implemented on 23 November 1923, the last day this surcharge was required is not known to me. Who can provide these details, preferable proven by scans of the respective Postal announcement? The latest cover (franked with 8 1/2d registered rate, in my collection is dated 9 April 1932.


Iraq Report for 1929 H.S.M.O. reported in 1929 that 10 European Countries, including UK, USA and Switzerland have abolished Overland Mail Surcharges. Which countries were this?

to be continued...