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February 23, 2018 High resolution scans of cover sent in 1929 from India to Palestine through the Syro-Iraq Desert / Overland Mail was added. Description of that cover will follow shortly.
High resolution of cover with route Instruction Handstamp HS-N16 (3) which has been measured added.
3 more covers with the mysterious Route Instruction Handstamp HS-5 added. These covers are here: HS-N15 (6), HS-N15 (7) and HS-N15 (8), and finally i am able to show a cover with Route Instruction Handstamp HS-31 (2). It must be noted that these covers are not in my collection and the classification therefore may change.
February 19, 2018 Cover with Receiving Handstamp RH-1 (6) has been scanned, the handstamp measured and the images in high resolution of 600 dpi uploaded.
February 17, 2018 Images of an Underpaid Cover / Postage Due) from Iran to Beirut added.
February 16, 2018 Registered cover from Baghdad to South Africa with Route Instruction Handstamp HS-15 (3) and rare postage rate of 18 Annas added.
Cover sent in 1929 from India to Palestine through the Syro-Iraq Desert / Overland Mail was added.
A new chapter for Underpaid Mail / Postage Due covers has been added which will be filled in due time.
February 10, 2018 Route Instruction Handstamps HS-N15 and HS-N16 are puzzling me more and more. Three additional covers with these Route Instruction Handstamp have been discovered and I hope with the analyze of the transport route i can decipher where the Route Instruction Handstamps have been added on the covers. Currently it seems that these handstamps were used on the transit route through Egypt, both on east- and westwards bound covers. The new covers are here: HS-N15 (5), HS-N16 (3) and HS-N16 (4). If any collector is having images of additional covers with these handstamps i am thankful for any image. 
February 9, 2018 Completed to add the postal regulations from the Czechoslovakian Post pertaining the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa in Czech and English language.
February 8, 2018 Started to add the postal regulations from the Czechoslovakian Post pertaining the Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa. The information will contain the Czech language transcript and the English translation of the same.
January 30, 2018.  New discovered Route Instruction Handstamp HS-N54 found on a cover front dated18 April 1931 from Iraq to England added.
January 27, 2018. After having only one cover with Route Instruction Handstamp HS-N15 in my collection for several years, all of the sudden a total or 3 more covers appeared. All from different senders and even countries. So it puzzles me where this handstamp has been applied!!! Here are the new covers with apparent Route Instruction Handstamp HS-N15 (3) and HS-N15 (4). Any information is welcomed.
January 26, 2018. Colored copy of over with Receiving Handstamp RH-1 (6) added.
Also a original scan of the cover indicated in news dated January 10 with HS-N15 (2) and HS-N16 (2) have been added with the handstamps correctly measured. Still i am not sure where these handstamps have been applied.
January 12, 2018.  I just have learned about the apparent existence of surcharges issue by the Czechoslovakian Post. Stay tuned for detailed information.
January 10, 2018. Another cover with apparently similar handstamps as HS-N15 (1) & HS-N16 (1) from Iraq (22 July 1924) to Italy (arrival postmark reverse (16 August 1924) added. That cover is not (yet) in my hands, hence the size of the handstamps HS-N15 (2) and HS-N16 (2) can not be verified. I believe that cover was not sent by the Overland Mail as during that time the rate would be been 9 Anna for a registered cover sent with the Overland Mail. Also the transit time of almost 4 weeks supports this. But, where the Overland Mail / Motor Mail Markings have been applied?
January 3, 2018 Regulations from Swiss Post pertaining the Overland Mail Surcharges as of 25 July 1925 (2nd surcharge period) added. Also a cover from that surcharge period added.