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Where are these item?


In my archive i have several paper clippings or images of items offered in the past either at conventional auctions, online auctions or items shown long time ago in philatelic publications. For philatelic studies it would be helpful to have high quality images s it would be necessary to know the whereabouts / current owner of these items. If you have any information, just send me an Email.

I like to start here...,lets see how successful my search will be, newly added items are on TOP of the table.

Front Image

Reverse Image


  Nairn Pamphlet with Lebanese Revenue stamp, dated 1934.

Overland Mail Cover from Baghdad to Cairo, Egypt. Sold on ebay on 28 August 2011, item No.  280727434761, seller "mdp947". Who knows the current / previous owner.
The cover bears as it looks a Handstamp Type HS-08


Germany Empire, 1923 Cover to Iraq


German Empire, 1927 and 1923 covers to Iraq

to be continued...