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On this page i will show images of items which i can not identify. Any help is appreciated.

Question No. 2

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Who can identify this item? Who can translate the Russian language? Please reply to: briefmarken@gmx.de and quote item No. 2
Answers recieved so far....
QUOTE: "although I'm a native Russian but I can not understand it properly But it spells as "MILOSTIVU GOSUDARYU KIRILE AFANAS'EVICHU GOSPODINU KUKINU i.e. "to Mr. Kiril Afanas'evich Kukin. ( It's obvious that the letter was written by a low educated provinsial person. The form of adressing is very odd if translate each word it looks as "Mercily Lord Kiril Afanas'evich Mister Kukin"
POD ????????? V SVOEM DOME i.e "Under ??????? in own house" could also translated not just namely "Under" but "Near" too. So it's the ??????? is an area in Moscow. But I don't know Moscow so well to recognise it. It reads as "novashkom" but what a bloody hell could mean the "Novashk"!

Updated on 10.05.07

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