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Not much can be found about the Colombian Semi Officials and City Post Stamps...

  • The definitive handbook on these stamps is the book by Dieter Bortfeldt and Carlos Valenzuela titled "Private Mail Carriers Of Colombia", published in May 2006.
  • Some of them are listed in the „Catalogo Histórico Filatélico, Colombia, Edición especializada, last time published in 1984 by Leo Temprano, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Again a few of these Colombian Semi-Officials are listed in E.F. Hurt and L.N. & M. Williams, "Handbook of the Private Local Posts", which was No. 6 in Billig's Specialized Catalogues Series.
  • There is the nice book by Luis Raul Rodriguez Lamus, "Los correos y las estampillas de Cucuta y del Norte de Santander".
  • "COSADA" by Miguel Tobon Hohmann, published in Spanish language in "Bogota Filatelico", No. 29, March 1980. A very fine and detailed article about the services COSADA was providing, incl. historical background etc…
  • "Los Sellos de Bogota" a small article issued in "Colombia Filatelica", Bogota, December 1924. A basic introduction into those stamps issued in 1889, 1896 and 1903.
  • A small note concerning the Manizales City Post was published in Linn’s Stamp News, October 31, 1983. The difference between the first and second printing of the stamps is discussed.
  • In "Bogota Filatelic", August 1973, pages 19-22, a article has been published, titled "Los Correos Privados de Colombia". An introduction into the private mail system of Colombia, starting with a list of private carriers, going into some details of "Correo Semanal del Dorado", "El Correo de Mora & Cia" and "Los Correos Urbanos de Medellin" The article ends with "to be continued"… unfortunately I have not seen a copy of the other articles. Who can help me out with?
  • A new magazine is being published in Colombia, titled COLOMPHIL. For details, subscription, prices, please contact the Editor Mr. Dieter Bortfeldt, Email: colomphil@usa.net