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These pages are dedicated to the fascinating stamps of Persia, now called Iran. In particular the Classic Lion issues.

Since I have created these pages I did not had many changes to update them as needed, mainly due to commitment with my normal workload and secondly due to a shift of philatelic interest in the past.

However, over the past few month I have retriggered my interest in the classic Lion issue while my interest in the Meshed stamps I have dropped. I also could add several nice stamps to my collection which I will show in due tome..., stay tuned.

If you have questions related the Iran Lion Stamps, please feel free to contact me. Furthermore, if you have interesting Lion stamps and covers for sale, I am very interested hearing from you.

The stamps as shown in the thumbnail image have disappeared on the way from Germany to USA. The stamps were sent by DHL and were sold at the Berliner Auktionshaus Schlegel on Nov. 19, 2007 (Lot 3330). Any information's about the whereabouts of the stamps are highly appreciated.

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