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Issue 1928, RP-1, 1a


Iraq Railway Post Label, denomination 2 Annas, black roulette (text repeated in smaller Arabic lettering) (size 41mm x 33mm, white paper) issued for use September 1, 1928. As seen below, they have been printed in vertical pairs (sheetlets/booklet panes).

The earliest known stamps, better said "booklet pane" is dated 6 September 1928. It has both stamps with full stop "." after label.


Until September 2015 no complete booklet was known but  recent auction in England had offered such a booklet.

Details are here.

Complete pane of 2 stamps, both stamps with the variety "Period" after LABEL.   My latest find. A complete booklet pane of 2 stamps, the upper stamp variety no "Period" after LABEL.


Upper position in the printing pane of 2 stamps   Space for lower position in the printing pane of 2 stamps

Booklet cover from a booklet containing the Railway labels, brown colour of booklet cover. (Not in my collection)

t was always believed that the stamps were issued only pin perforated on the left side. However, the stamps on left seem to prove the there are also other perforations exists.

My latest find..., 1928 cover sent from Khanaqin to Abadan, Iran, franked with a 2 Anna Railway Type RP-1 cancelled with the octagonal Railway postmark from Khanaqin City dated 19. September 1928. On back the manuscript marking "To be posted in Baghdad" as a remark that the cover hat to be handed over in Baghdad to the Iraq national post to be forwarded to Abadan, Iran. To cover this route, the cover is franked with a total of 3 Annas, the postage rate for a letter from Iraq to Iran with a weight of 10 - 20 Grams, cancelled for the Iraqi national Post Baghdad (20.09.1928). On the back the departure postmark Baghdad (20.09.1928, transit postmark Basrah (20.09.1928) and Mohammareh (24.09.1928) as well as arrival postmark Abadan (27.09.1928).

Another 1928 cover sent from Baghdad (West 21 Sep 1928) to Basrah (22 September 1928) via Railway Post, franked with 1928 2a Black & White plus a 2a 1923 views stamps. Arrival and delivery postmarks Basrah, dated 22 September 1923.