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Ghuchan (Chuchan)
maybe also spelled Qochan, Quchan or Guchan

The location of this halt was not clear for me for long time. However, based on the railway maps I have received over the time I can now confirm that this station was (and still is) located between Hillah and Diwaniyah. See the 2 cut outs of different vintage maps of Iraq.

Railway Map dated 1928, cut out from "The Railway Magazine, April 1928   Railway Map cut out from the 1930th. which was included in a Thomas Cook Travel Guide.


RP-4, 10 fils tied to piece with black cancellation of GHUCHAN dated 30....32

Apparently, in some rare and isolated cases, manuscript cancels have been used, so far I know this only from Ghuchan (Quchan).
This particular stamp is canc
elled 05.08.1932.

Railways postage stamp 10 fils blue and yellow No. RP-5-6 tied to piece with SG177 by violet Cancellation of Ghuchan and dated 3 October 3?