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I.P.C. Camp
Iraq Petroleum Company Camp

Located at the end of a short branch line to Kirkuk. However, this station / halt puzzles me.

After World War II the Iraq Petroleum Company opened their branch at Kirkuk in January 1947. Now, how can this be a railway station with an post office as being announce din the Iraq Post Office Guide 55 from 1930 when the railway branch line opened only in 1947? I assume that the I.P.C. Camp had an post Office and was using railway stamps. The letters were canceled at the post office and forwarded to the nearest railway station which was Kirkuk.

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I.P.C. or M.P.C...

  •  1928 saw the American entry into the IPC agreement conditional on the Red Line Agreement which was revoked years later by the Americans.

  •  IPC shares were finalized on the basis of: 23 1/2 BP, CFP (Total), Shell, Esso (Exxon) & Mobil and 5% Gulbenkian, in March 1931.

  •  IPC extended its area to cover all Iraq and share it with its associates MPC (1930) and BPC (1938) for duration of 75 years without relinquishment.